The Evolution of Pod Vape Kits - From Stylus to Zega

The Evolution of Pod Vape Kits - From Stylus to Zega

Vaping has come a long way in just a couple of decades. Where we are now compared to the humble origins of the industry is mind-boggling. Vaping has transformed from simple cigalikes that barely offered a customisable experience to the sleek, sophisticated pod kits we see today.

It’s fascinating to see how vaping devices have shrunk in size but grown immensely in capability, offering vapers a range of options that were unthinkable in the early days.

Let’s dive into the evolution of pod vape kits, uncover how they’ve become the sophisticated tools of today and explore the milestones that have shaped the vaping landscape.

The Dawn of Cigalike Vapes

Cast your mind back to the early 2000s, when the vaping scene was just beginning to bloom. The first e-cigarettes were called cigalikes, mirroring the look and feel of traditional cigarettes.

These early models were quite basic, designed for simplicity and ease of use, with no frills attached. They came in basic flavours like menthol and tobacco, flavours were not the main priority at this stage.

They featured small, often non-rechargeable batteries and prefilled cartridges, offering a straightforward transition for smokers looking to swap their tobacco for something less harmful, it was basically just like a disposable kit.

Cigalikes paved the way for the innovations that followed, marking the humble beginnings of what would become a vaping revolution.

Illustration of a Cigalike

The Rise of Open Pod Systems

As we journey further into the evolution of vaping, we stumble upon the era of cartridge systems, which resemble the looks of modern pod vape kits. This was a game-changer, introducing a level of convenience and simplicity that cigalikes couldn’t offer.

At this stage, larger tank systems were popular, but mainly vaping enthusiasts were interested in them as they were designed for DTL vaping. However, it was time to implement some advanced features into smaller cartridge systems.

With these updated pod systems, vapers were no longer tied to the limitations of prefilled cartridges. These devices allowed for easy refilling, making them a hit for those seeking a more personalised vaping experience.

Although the battery devices did not receive many upgrades, the ability to use your own e-liquids elevated the vaping experience overall. Now, you can find new and unique vape juices to please your taste buds.

This was a step towards making vaping more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, setting the stage for even more innovative leaps forward, especially within the e-liquid market.

Illustration of a Cartridge System Vape

Stylus Pen Vape Kits

As vaping technology progressed, the pen-style vape kits, often referred to as the Stylus era, marked a significant leap forward.

Introduced around the mid-2010s, these devices offered vapers greater battery life, the ability to refill with e-liquid, and, in many cases, replaceable tanks and coils.

A prime example of a pen-style vape kit that is still around today is the Aspire Pockex Vape Kit. It boasts a massive 1500 mAh battery, which is larger than its cigalike predecessors and other vape pens, which range from 200-1000 mAh. Like all early vape kits, it has a tank system that can be refilled with a vaper’s e-liquid of choice and allows for replacement glass tubes, coils, and drip tips.

This device was the perfect all-in-one kit for any vaper who liked a mouth-to-lung vaping experience. Just simple button-activated vaping with dual light battery charge indication and quick USB-C recharging.

Illustration of Aspire Pockex Vape Kit

The Shift to Refillable Pod Vape Kits

Refillable pod vape kits, emerging prominently in the late-2010s, represent a pivotal moment in vaping’s evolution.

These devices combined the compact and flexible style of earlier pod systems with the technological developments that were prominent in sub-ohm vape kits at the time into one device.

As the years went by, pod kits started to introduce device configurations like wattage adjustments and temperature controls, which took the vaping experience to a new level and allowed these compact kits to deliver both MTL and DTL vaping in one device.

A standout example from this era is the SMOK Nord, launched in 2018.

The Nord featured a powerful battery for its size, around 1100mAh, and a refillable pod system that allowed vapers to choose their e-liquid. As these vape kits were improving, the vaping experience became more enjoyable, with fewer hiccups like a prematurely burnt coil or leaking pods.

From the original SMOK NORD, we now have the NORD 5 and NORD GT, which are both contenders for the best DTL pod vape kits of 2024. Over the years, these pod kits have improved not just their coils and pods but also their technology. 

Both the NORD GT and the NORD 5 have display screens, which allow the user to get vital information about the device and adjust settings like the wattage to fine-tune their vaping experience. Seeing advancements like this in vaping makes it clear how quickly the industry can move and change for the better, for better products and a better experience.

Prefilled Pod Vape Kits

Prefilled pod vape kits, epitomising convenience and ease of use emerged as a solution for vapers prioritising simplicity. These kits come with replaceable pods prefilled with e-liquid, eliminating the need for refilling.

A hallmark of this era is the JUUL, introduced in 2015, which became synonymous with discreet vaping. Although they were not as big in the UK as they were in the US, they paved the way for other prefilled pod vape kits to come.

Prefilled pod kits today feature a compact design, ease of use with plug-and-go functionality, and various flavour options, making them a favourite among new and long-term vapers alike for their hassle-free experience.

A prime example is the Lost Mary Tappo Prefilled Pod Kit, which boasts a 750mAh battery, 2ml pods, and 20mg nic salt e-liquid. It’s designed for simplicity, is draw-activated, and offers over 25 different flavours. This kit promises around 600 puffs per pod, combining efficiency with a broad flavour selection.

The Current Trend of Slim and Compact Designs

The latest trends in vaping gear heavily emphasise slim and compact designs, with devices like the Uwell Caliburn Zega GZ2 and Geekvape Wenax Q leading the charge.

These models stand out for their sleek profiles, making them incredibly portable and discreet. Additionally, they boast impressive battery efficiency, ensuring vapers can enjoy their sessions longer without constant recharging! 

The Uwell Caliburn Zega GZ2 introduces a fresh, boxy aesthetic to the Caliburn series. It stands out with its compact size and an 850mAh battery for lasting use.

Geekvape’s latest Wenax Q pod vape kit features rapid USB-C charging, a robust 1000mAh battery for extended use, an easy-to-read OLED screen, and is compatible with Geekvape Q refillable pods that have fixed coils for either RDL or MTL vaping.

This evolution towards more minimalist, efficient designs highlights the industry’s focus on combining aesthetics with practicality, catering to the modern vaper’s desire for convenience without sacrificing performance.

Looking Ahead with The Future of Pod Vape Kits

Looking ahead, the future of pod vape kits seems poised for exciting advancements. Expect innovations focusing on sustainability, with developments for more eco-friendly pods and further enhancements in safety through more refined e-liquid formulations.

As technology evolves, we might see devices with even longer battery life and smarter features for a more personalised vaping experience. The latest devices currently offer vaping adjustment options like temperature control and wattage control, to name a few, but what else can we expect in the future?

The regulatory environment will continue to shape the landscape, encouraging manufacturers to innovate with new guidelines, ensuring that the next generation of pod vape kits is safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable for users across the world.

Wrapping up, it’s been quite the ride watching pod vape kits evolve from those early days to the sleek gadgets we have now. The leaps in quality, both in the gear we’re using and the juices we’re vaping, are nothing short of impressive.

With all these advancements, it’s clear the vaping world is nowhere near done, surprising us.

At Vape UK, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the vaping revolution, continuously embracing and contributing to the latest advances in pod vape kits and vaping as a whole.

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