Fire Rose 600 Puff

Fire Rose 600 Puff is a Disposable Vape that is classified as a masterpiece in its own class. Fire Rose 600 Bar is a vape that is able to draw attention due to its compact, clear, and fashionably elegant style. Firerose Nova Berry Bang is manufactured by Elux, the leading name in the vaping world across the globe. It is exceptional in its appearance as well as its experience.

Fire Rose 600 Puff: Features

Fire Rose 600 offers a maximum of approximately 600 puffs. The device comes with a 550 mAh battery that is already charged, making it ready-to-use. The pod, which has a capacity of 2 ml, is filled with the desired e-liquid. The nicotine strength is 20 mg. The device is draw-activated. It’s for single use only and cannot be re-used or re-charged. The style is smooth and glossy. It also has smart airflow control to enhance vaping.

Fire Rose 600 Puff: Key Specifications

  1. Maximum puffs: approximately 600 puffs
  2. Nicotine: 20 mg (2%)
  3. Draw activation: Draw activate pod device
  4. Battery capacity: 550 mAh
  5. Amount of e-liquid: 2 ml
  6. VG/PG ratio: Ideal
  7. Appearance: Compact and Clear Crystal
  8. Airflow: Smart-Controlled

Fire Rose 600 Puff: Available Flavours

Fire Rose 600 has the following flavours to offer to add to your vaping experience:

  • Gummy Bear
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon Lime
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Blue
  • Watermelon Crush
  • Red Apple Ice
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Apple Pear Peach
  • Cotton Candy